A tool for converting audio files to mp3 in parallel

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I was using the soundconverter tool on my main workstation. I'd still recommend it but I've found myself using less applications with a GUI; so, I figured I found give it a shot and see if I could write something that would satisfy my needs. I've tried to make this tool as intuitive as possible, with sane defaults, and no weird flags.


Simply run:

make install      #(as root)

# to uninstall
make uninstall    #(as root)


In order to use this tool, you will need two things installed:

There are no requirements to use a specific shell, but I have not tested on all of them, only ksh and bash.


mp3me ./dir                   # convert music files
mp3me -j 8 ./dir              # convert music files, starting 8 jobs (i.e. threads)
mp3me -b 192 ./dir            # convert music files @ 192kbps
mp3me -h                      # show this help message
mp3me -v                      # show the version info


To make this tool simpler, I have made a few assumptions. We only convert to mp3. Files are output in the same folder. These are my preferred settings. Maybe I'll add more flags to handle changing output type and location.

License / Disclaimer

This project is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. (See LICENSE.md)

No WAVs were harmed in the making of this tool.